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The fastest Race SUP?- Displacement vs. Planing Hulls & board weights

August 25, 2015

Five years ago Jeff Chang and I wrote a report on the Zen Waterman blog on some of the fastest unlimited race SUP's at the time and discussed the differences between displacement hulls and planing hulls and which worked best for which conditions.  While it is relatively easy to test the speed of a board in flat water, testing in open ocean and downwind conditions is much more difficult due to the many variables that can't be controlled.  I made a video discussing two 14' boards:  The 14'x 26" Blue Planet Dark Horse model which is a displacement board designed to excel in calm water and the 14' x 28" Blue Planet Bump Rider model, a planing hull designed to be...

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SUP Downwinder Tips: The most common first timer mistakes

August 18, 2015

At Blue Planet we offer downwind coaching to those wanting to get into this exciting sport.  After doing many coached downwind runs I have noticed that most beginners make the same common mistakes when first trying to catch bumps.  For those coming from a flatwater background, where a strong, steady, powerful, longer, slower stroke works best, making the adjustment to the quick, short accelerating strokes needed to catch bumps and then stopping and resting while gliding is challenging to say the least.  I'm hoping that sharing these tips will help more paddlers get into this super fun aspect of Stand Up Paddling. These are the five most common mistakes I see when I coach paddlers on their first downwinder: 1)...

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