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"Paddling Saves Man's Life"

As Memorial day was yesterday I felt the need to pass on this incredible story. Will Schmidt had returned from five years of military service to a world of depression. He had dealt with depression earlier in life but after his tour in Kosovo, he had less and less to look forward to. At the brink of suicide he somehow found salvation in an afternoon paddle at Dana Point, Ca. He now helps other veterns  as part of the wounded warrior project. 

You can read the full article here  

And check out how you can help at Wounded Warriors Project

Weekly Product Review: Blue Planet High Performance Paddle Edge Tape

This is not a new product but we've sold quite a few of these this last week and have fielded quite a few questions about it. Everyone is gearing up for summer races and our High Performance Paddle Edge Tape is a great way to be slimmer in the water on the big day.  So I figured I'd post a refresher video so everyone gets a proper application.

You can purchase our High Performance Paddle Edge Tape here

Weekly Product Review: Entry Level and Price Point Paddles

You can find these products by the links below or at our shop at 540 Ward Ave. Honolulu, HI 96814

Black Aluminum Adjustable

White Fiberglass Adjustable

Weekly Product Review: SIC Bullet Series Race Boards


The SIC production boards are in stock now at Blue Planet, we even have a 17'4 Bullet available for demos.  The SIC boards are the top of the line for open ocean downwind paddling, please watch the video to see some of the features of the 14' and 17'4 Bullet models.

Click Here to see the 14' TWCC

Click Here to see the 14' DCC

Click Here to see the 17' DCC

SUP Newbie Weekly: Intro

Kook, Barney, Newbie, all nicknames for un-experienced waterman(or woman) and often shouted from angst locals upon entry of a line-up. Surf culture is inherently engrained with a “pay your dues” mentality and can be intimidating at times, as I found out first hand. Don't let this deter you though, for every bad egg there are plenty of people willing to share their knowledge and insight about the water. I've dealt with what I call the “bro/brah attitude” in the snow culture which leads to the scaring off of new participants. Unfortunate yes, but the main basis of this reaction is fear. The fear of looking/sounding “stupid” in front of seasoned veterans. I know I felt awkward and tried to “play it cool” when I first walked into a local surf shop here on Oahu. Getting over that fear is your first step. I truly believe that when starting out; THERE ARE NO STUPID QUESTIONS! And if any SUP sales people make you feel like you just asked one, then I guess they forgot they were “new” once too. Besides, how many people do you know are good at something the first couple of times they try it?

     The reason I am starting this feature on our Blue Planet Surf blog is I to am a kook, barney, newbie. I moved to Oahu in November of 2012 from Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Packed away my snowboard gear and eagerly looked forward to spending more time in the water. So how did a land locked snowboarder come to work at Blue Planet Surf selling SUP's you may ask. Well, long story short, I've worked in Action Sports retail for over a decade now, and I've been standing on a board sideways for fifteen years. So I traded in the white snow capped peaks for tan sandy beaches and tasty waves. With that, my goal for this blog series is to drop the iron curtain of surf culture and allow us kooks, barneys and newbies a forum to ask anything without the fear of ridicule, laughter and teasing.

     So a common question we get is “Where do I start?” With the growing popularity of SUP and the hundreds of brands popping up everywhere, you have endless choices. My biggest piece of advice with this is that if possible you should rent or demo first. Every board handles differently, and even boards with similar specs can be worlds apart. Here at Blue Planet Surf we have a rental credit program that allows you to credit up to $250 of your rentals towards the purchase of a new board. And while we're special in the fact we carry our own in-house brand of SUP's, a lot of shops offer rentals and demos. The biggest factor (besides the size of the person) in determining what size SUP you need is your main objective on the water. Are you looking to just cruise around? Yoga? Surf as many waves as possible? Throw some kids on the front and paddle the bay? These decisions will weigh heavily in your SUP choice. Generally, a 10'-12' SUP will work great for flat water recreation and I would stay on the smaller end of the range if you want to possibly surf as well. Again that is a general range that would be narrowed down further depending on your size. We do have several boards that work for both but it's finding the size in that range that works best for your main objective on the water. With that said, I really do recommend you rent or demo something first. Speaking of demos. Our next demo is Sunday May 5th at 8am. And you can go to our Free SUP Clinics Page for more details

     Like I said earlier, we want this blog to be a forum as well. Feel free to comment, suggest topics or ask any of those “stupid” questions you weren't able to get answered elsewhere. Hope to see you on the water. Mahalo.

Blue Planet SUP Distribution Press Release


For Immediate Release:


We are excited to announce that Coastal Surf Supplies is the new exclusive distributor of Blue Planet Stand Up Paddle boards (SUP’s) on the US East Coast.


Blue Planet Surf of Honolulu, Hawaii has partnered with Coastal Surf Supplies in Ocean City, Maryland to distribute the line of Blue Planet Surf SUP boards, equipment, and accessories on the US East Coast. The first shipment of boards is expected to arrive in specialty retail stores in March.


The lineup of Blue Planet SUP board shapes was designed to offer great performance while being affordable, user friendly and easy to use for paddlers from beginner to expert level. All shapes were designed using computer aided design by Robert Stehlik. Quality construction features precision computer shaped blanks, vacuum bagged bamboo veneer epoxy construction, and chip resistant paint with a glossy finish. Prices include deck pad, fins and a padded board bag, making for an excellent value. Standard features include LiftSUP handles that make carrying and loading the boards easy, two way self venting plugs, as well as a fcs plug on the nose for mounting gopro cameras and other accessories.



Blue Planet Surf Gear was founded in 1993 by Robert Stehlik in Honolulu. The business got it’s start selling locally made surfwear. In 1998 Blue Planet became the Hawaii distributor for Boardworks, distributing thousands of boards for several popular labels, including Steve Walden, Ben Aipa, C4 Waterman and Paddle Surf Hawaii. The distribution agreement ended in 2010 and Blue Planet started manufacturing and distributing it’s own line of Stand Up Paddle boards, Surfboards and accessories. Blue Planet boards have become a popular choice for Stand Up Paddlers in Hawaii and around the Pacific. The boards are currently sold at shops on Oahu, Maui, the Big Island, Guam, Okinawa, and California. Blue Planet boards will be available in east coast shops for the first time this spring.

Blue Planet is headquartered at the flagship store at 540 Ward Ave. in Honolulu, also known as Hawaii’s SUP Headquarters, with a wide selection of boards, paddles and equipment. The full service shop offers a big selection of boards, paddles and equipment as well as rentals, free SUP clinics for beginners, lessons, coaching, and training programs.


Coastal Surf Supplies is a wholesale distribution company. It started in 1998 using an Isuzu box truck to drive up and down the east coast delivering surf & skate product to all the surf & skate shops. Today, it has grown to be the most reliable surf & skate distributor on the east coast. Same day shipping and 1 to 3 day ground service is offered for the entire east coast.




For more information, please feel free to contact:

Robert Stehlik, Blue Planet Surf Gear, LLC: 808 779 4707,



Click for the BBB Business Review of this Surfboards in Honolulu HI