September 20, 2014


Introduction to SUP: Tips for beginner Stand Up Paddlers

Between our Blue Planet SUP clinics and private and group lessons, we have helped hundreds of customers to learn how to stand up paddle.  The best way to learn the basics and start having fun on the water with minimum frustration is by taking a lesson with a well qualified instructor that can help you learn proper technique from the start.  If you don't have the opportunity to do that, the next best thing is to read up and watch instructional videos that will help you avoid common mistakes and don't let bad habits become engrained.

One of our most popular videos on the blueplanetsurf youtube channel (please subscribe to our youtube channel to see our latest videos) is titled Introduction to Stand Up Paddling.  

We recently added three more videos to our channel to help beginners get started in this great sport.

The first video is titled: SUP tips: Common beginner mistakes

This video goes over some of the common mistakes we often see when people paddle for the first time, including: getting on the board before it is in deep enough water, trying to stand on the board before kneeling first, going with the wind instead of into the wind, holding the paddle straight to go forward, holding the paddle backwards, hands too close together on shaft, not standing in the middle of the board. 



The second video is titled: SUP Balance Tips for Beginners

This video gives some pointers to beginners that are struggling to stand up and balance on the board (it's not as easy as it looks!).  Some of the points covered in this video: getting on the right equipment, centering weight over middle of board, getting the board moving before standing up, different ways of getting from kneeling to standing, using the paddle to brace and lowering center of gravity to help balance, balancing on smaller boards, moving around on the board, getting upright and looking forward, not down.


The third video is titled: SUP tips for beginners: Stoke Technique Drills

This video shows how to practice your stroke while standing in knee deep water and goes over getting good catch with the blade, getting good reach and ending stroke by the feet, feathering the blade at the release and during the recovery as well as using torso rotation to make your stroke more powerful.




Playlist:  Watch our Introduction to SUP- tips for beginner Stand Up Paddlers playlist to watch all the videos we have put together to help you get started.  


For more videos, including more advanced technique tips for intermediate and advanced paddlers, please also check to our playlist titled SUP technique videos (some of the videos are in both playlists).



Thanks for watching and remember to have FUN!



How to strap a SUP or surf board to a car that does not have roof racks

One of the most common questions we get from people interested in renting SUP's from us is how to transport the boards to the beach without a roof rack.  The video shows how we strap boards to the roof, everything you need is included in our low rental fees.  You can safely transport up to 3 stacked SUP's on almost any car using this method.  The EVA pads and straps are available on our website at:


September 18, 2014


SUP Clinic this Sunday, September 21st

Blue Planet is hosting another free clinic for customers interested in purchasing a board this Sunday, September 21st.  Don't miss it!  

For details and dates of upcoming clinics please visit:


June 30, 2014


Photo contest- Win a Free Inflatable SUP!

Photo contest- Win a Free Inflatable SUP!

We have been getting great feedback from the owners of our new inflatables!  

We love seeing how you are enjoying the water on your boards and have kicked off a photo contest to encourage you to share your best snapshots.

The Blue Planet Inflatable SUP Photo contest is now live on the Blue Planet Facebook page in the form of a contest app.  You can submit your photos and vote here:

Choose the Enter tab to submit a photo, and the Vote tab to vote for your favorite photos.  One vote per photo per facebook user per day.  Once you post a photo, please share the link with your friends so they can vote for your picture.  You have to "like" the Blue Planet Facebook page to be eligible to enter and vote.

The rules are simple:  The photo has to show a Blue Planet Inflatable SUP somewhere in the picture.  The photo that has the most votes when the contest ends on August 31, 2014 wins a brand new Blue Planet Inflatable board kit of your choice (includes fin, bag, pump, repair kit and paddle).  

Below are a few pics we have seen and we are looking forward to many more from all over the world.


Robert Stehlik




June 09, 2014


How to use your new Blue Planet inflatable SUP board

Congratulations on your new board!  Please watch this video before using your board for the first time:



Please note: To avoid damage to your board, do not leave it fully inflated in the hot sun for a long time as the pressure will increase with the temperature.  To store the board in the sun, release some pressure to avoid damage.

If you got one of the Bravo 12V electric pumps with the board, watch this video with basic instructions as well:


April 21, 2014


M2O race board buy back program

We have been receiving calls from customers looking to rent a board for the Molokai to Oahu race in July 2014.  The performance downwind boards we have available for rent have been booked for the Molokai race months ago, so unfortunately we have no carbon downwind rental boards left to offer for the race.

For those that still need a board for the race, we can offer the following:  purchase a new race board from us, after the race you can either keep the board, sell it yourself, or we will offer to buy it back for 30% off the new price (if there is no major damage to the board).   This offer is only for new boards purchased from our shop less than one month before the race and sold back within a week after the race.

We have great deals available on 2013 SIC boards:

14' Bullet, full carbon: $2199

17'4 Bullet, full carbon with steering system: $3099

We also have the 2014 models available.  

If you are interested, please order the board at least one month before the race.

Click here for a list of SIC race boards we currently have in stock, and prices.

April 03, 2014


Wet Feet/ Blue Planet WPA Race Sunset Beach to Haleiwa on June 7th, registration now open!

Wet Feet/ Blue Planet Race:

Click here to download race entry form

Click here for the 2014 SUP race schedule




Stand Up and Prone Paddlers and Friends Welcomed to Sunset Beach, Oahu

June 7, 2014

(APRIL 16, 2014 HONOLULU, Hawaii) Race registration is now open for the Wet Feet/Blue Planet Surf World Paddle Association Hawaii Region National Race presented by Naked Turtle Rum. The event will be held at Sunset Beach, Oahu, June 7, 2014. Entry can be done online or at Blue Planet Surf shops. For online entry, click here:

Elite watermen, waterwomen and paddling enthusiasts of all ages will have the opportunity to paddle the 8 mile miracle stretch of coastline downwind from Sunset Beach to Haleiwa Beach.

Paddlers will compete in age groups for trophies and prizes. The prone race will start at 12:00PM and the SUP race will start at 12:15PM.

Registration is available online until June 5TH. Entrants will receive a commemorative cool-dri paddle shirt, lunch and a chance for raffle prizes.

The World Paddle Association holds national races in 13 regions throughout the United States. Entry in the Hawaii region national race will provide racers with ranking points so they can compare themselves to other racers who use the same board size and are the same age. Placing in the Hawaii Region national race can also be used to qualify for the WPA World Championship race. More information can be found at

About Wet Feet and Blue Planet Surf
Wet Feet and Blue Planet Surf shops share a passion for SUP training and racing. Often assisting each other with instructional clinics the two shops have joined forces to put on this prestigious race. Both shops offer full service sales, rentals and lessons for SUP. More information can be found at and


Event Details Contact:
Jeff Chang | 808.255.6255 cell |

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