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December 30, 2015


SUP Camp on Oahu's North Shore April 30th to May 5th 2016

We are hosting another SUP Camp on Oahu's beautiful North Shore this spring, please check this link to the camp information and reservation page for details and watch the video playlist for footage from last year's camp:



Nothing but Glides- downwind video without a single paddle stroke

What's the best part about downwinders?  The glides!

So I made this video without a single paddle stroke, just bump riding and gliding. A fun evening Hawaii Kai to Waikiki downwinder with my buddy Peter Shepherd from Sydney.  Peter is on a 17' SIC Bullet V3 and I'm on the 14' x 28" Bump Rider.  It's great to be able to get off work a bit early to do a downwinder during the busy holiday season.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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Aloha, Robert Stehlik



December 19, 2015


SUP and Surf Christmas Gift ideas for last minute shoppers

This time of the year, people are often asking us for gift ideas.  If you are looking for a gift idea for a loved one that surfs or Stand Up Paddles, we made these videos to give you some ideas:

This video goes over the top 10 gift ideas, including the ultimate gift for someone that loves to paddle:  A complete SUP package!, click the link to watch the video on our facebook page:

 This video shows what's included in the Rock Solid SUP package deal, available now at Blue Planet for just $759!



Aloha and Happy Holidays form the Blue Planet Crew.


Hexo+ Autonomous Follow Me Drone- unboxing, first flight, first impressions, review


We just received the long awaited HEXO+ Autonomous follow me drone.  We shot a little video of what's in the box, putting it together and after some frustrating failed attempts finally doing a successful test flight.  Here is our video review:



TThis video shows the first test flight over water with the Hexo+


This video shows the second over water flight- our 2016 race board shoot with the Blue Planet team riders


New Starboards have arrived!

 New shipment of Starboard SUP's has arrived at Blue Planet, aka Hawaii's SUP HQ, we have a great selection of new and demo Starboard Stand Up Paddleboards in stock and are the biggest Starboards dealer on Oahu.

We have sale pricing on all models, great deals on older models, some are up to $200 less than the new models.

For a current list of all the models please check our stock spreadsheet and click on the Starboards tab at the bottom.

For more information on Starboards models, please visit:


Check 'em out at Blue Planet now.
We have demo stand up paddle boards available and will credit rental fees up to $250 towards the purchase of any new board in the shop, plus we have a special "try before you buy" offer: we will turn any new board into a demo for a $75 premium (only due if you decide not to purchase it).


Oahu's biggest Starboard dealer

November 25, 2015


SUP tips: Keep feet from going numb & moving around board



Stand Up Paddle tips: How to keep your feet and toes from going numb or cramping when paddling and how to move around the board without making the board rock back and fourth and becoming unstable. If you are a beginner and have sore feet or have trouble moving around the board without losing balance, this video will help you! Please subscribe to our channel and also watch our SUP tips for beginners playlist. Aloha!

Tips covered in this video:
1) Avoid "gripping" the board with your toes. Relax your toes by wiggling them and remind yourself to relax the muscles in your feet to avoid fatigue and cramping in your feet. This is very common for beginners struggling with balancing on the board
2) Keep blood flowing in your feet. Shift your weight front to back and side to side to get the blood flowing and and keep your feet from going numb.
3) Un-weigh both feet to move around board: move around with little jumps to avoid rocking the board when moving around
4) Surf Stance to trim board: Get into the surf stance with both feet on the center line of the board to easily move backwards and forwards on the board without rocking side to side.

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November 18, 2015

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SUP Tips: Paddling in a straight line


Going straight on a Stand Up Board can be challenging.  Here are some tips that will help you get more strokes per side and minimize yawing:

Using the blade angle, stroke path, and shaft angle to make the board go in a straight line and propelling yourself forward more efficiently.
If you can only get a few strokes per side before having to switch sides, this video has some good tips that will help you make your board go in a straight line longer with less yawing by using these techniques:

1) Shaft angle: holding your shaft straight- perpendicular to the water

2) Blade angle: angling the blade slightly inward towards the board

3) Blade path: starting the stroke slightly away from the rail nd pulling the paddle in towards the feet, ending the stroke close to rail by your feet.

By using your strength to power yourself forward instead of sideways, you will waste less energy, making your stroke more efficient and you spend less time switching sides with with the paddle, which keeps you from loosing forward momentum.

Please also check out our other SUP Tips and subscribe to our youtube channel to watch our latest videos posted weekly. Aloha!

2015 M2O race- paddling straight for 32 miles!

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