Blue Planet 12'6" x 30" x 6" Inflatable SUP

12'6" x 30" x 6" Blue Planet "Touring Air" inflatable board. 

This is the fastest model in our lineup.  It is designed to provide great glide in flatwater, on rivers, open ocean touring and rough water.  It can be used in the surf but it's length make it harder to turn on the wave and it's more suited for distance paddling.  The longer rail lines make this board track straight and glide effortlessly.  The thick rails make it stable and very rigid.  The Touring Air does it all and is a great board to learn and advance on.  It is stable and forgiving which makes it a good choice for a wide spectrum of conditions.  It  is recommended for beginners up to 220 lbs and can be used by experienced paddlers up to 270 lbs+.  The glide and cruising speed make this user friendly board a great choice for entry level and advanced paddlers that want to cruise far, fast, and efficiently on lakes, rivers and open ocean waters.  It is fast enough to be competitive in a SUP race, which make it a great choice if you have to travel to get to a race.


Limited time pre-order special: Get a 3 piece carbon paddle and/or electric pump at half price with your pre- ordered board, this offer will end soon!


May 2014 delivery


$70 flat rate shipping to US

$150 outside of US

Type: SUP

Vendor: Blue Planet

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