Repairs/ Service

SUP repairs/service

Blue Planet offers limited epoxy ding repair service only for boards purchased at our shop and for regular customers.  If you did not purchase the board from us or are not one of our regular customers, please see the Ding Kingdom repair shop right around the corner from our shop.


Rush repairs available on request based on availability.
If you notice a leak, bring it straight to us.  We can quickly extract the moisture with our vacuum system before it spreads deeper into the board and does more damage.

Epoxy Ding Repair service:

    Small ding of flat surface (less than 1" big an less than 1/2" deep)= minimum repair fee $40
    Small ding on nose, tail or rail, or medium sized ding up to 4" in size= $60
    Ding over 4"= $80-$120 depending on size
    Additional small dings on same board: $20 each, additional medium dings $30 each

    Other Services (price includes parts and labor):

    • Cut and glue paddle handle (no charge if paddle is purchased at Blue Planet): $30
    • Re-size paddle handle - remove exisiting handle, re-size and re-glue- depending on complexity: $40
    • Vacuum water extraction from ding or vent plug- $30 first day, $10 per additional day if needed
    • Vent plug install (screw type) -  $50
    • Self venting gore tex vent plug install - $50
    • EZ plug Stick on carry handle - $30 
    • LiftSUP handle installed into deck - $100 (see video below)
    • Application of durable and clear, 14 mil thick railtape: $40
    • Installation of fcs plug for gopro camera: $50
    • SUP race board rudder repair/tune up- $10-$50
    • Rudder cable replacement, pressure testing for leaks also available.
    Fin box repairs- ask for quote
    prices for gloss coat, wet sanding and polish finish only, color matching is not included, however, if we have a spray paint color that is close to the color of your board, we will do our best to blend in the color of the repair at no extra charge but we do not offer exact color matching, so please don't expect an exact color match.
     Available now at Blue Planet: The revolutionary LiftSUP handle can be installed on any SUP to make lifting, carrying, loading and locking the board easy.  Watch the video blow.  $100 for all inclusive installation.  Ask us to  see a sample board with Liftsup handle.

    Most repairs are completed within 2 weeks.  We will call you when the repair is ready for pickup, please pick up the boards within 2 weeks of call, we charge a storage fee of $1 per day for boards left at our shop for more than 14 days.
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