SUP Rentals

Blue Planet Surf Shop Board rental and storage programs: 

Blue Planet is proud to offer the biggest selection of quality rental surf and SUP boards in Hawaii at very affordable rates.  Most of our rental boards are less than 6 months old, so unlike most other rental outfits, at Blue Planet you get to try some of the latest and greatest, light weight and quality gear and if you like one of our rental boards, you can buy it used at a great price (see rental board spreadsheet for used price). Or buy a brand new one just like it off our racks and get a credit for the rental fees you paid*.
If you are visiting Hawaii, you can save money by renting a high performance surfboard or SUP instead of bringing your own board and risking damage.  Plus, you can exchange boards during the rental period depending on conditions, so it's really like having a big quiver of boards (click here for a list of all our available boards).  
You can reserve the board you want by clicking the large button at the top of the page.  Before reserving a particular model from our rental fleet, please check our rental reservations calendar to make sure it is still available during the dates you are interested in.  
If you are just starting out or are ready to upgrade, trying several boards before buying one is a good idea so you don't spend a lot of money on a board that is not right for you.  We have a "try before you buy" program that lets you try many boards and apply all demo fees towards the purchase of a new surfboard or SUP*.
All rates include board, leash, standard paddle (with SUP) and straps/ padding that you can use to transport boards even on a rental car without roof racks.  You can upgrade to a high performance carbon paddle for an additional $10 per day.  Delivery and pickup service also available on request for $20 each way flat rate, regardless of number of boards rented.  
If you don't have the space to store a board Blue Planet Surf also offers long term rental membership programs (works like a gym membership) and board storage, see below.  

Surfboard & SUP Rental Rates     Surfboard   SUP w/ Paddle   Paddle Only
Same Day Return     $19.00   $29.00   $10.00
Next Day Return     $25.00   $49.00   $15.00
Two days     $40.00   $75.00   $20.00
Additional Days     $12.00   $15.00   $5.00
One Week     $99.00   $149.00   $49.00
Unlimited Monthly plan 1st month*         $248.00   
addtl months*         $149.00   $149.00    
Same Day Monthly plan - 1st Month*         $198.00   $198.00    
addtl months*            $99.00   $99.00    

Credit Card Required for deposit authorization (or Cash). Debit Cards can not be used for deposit.  The required deposit amount is $200 per board but renter is liable for the full value of the equipment in case of loss or theft or if it is damaged beyond repair.

For a current list of available rental boards, please click here 

We also have high performance Surf and SUP race boards available for rent.  You can reserve a race board for a race by booking it for 2 days minimum, first come first served.  Minimum 2 day rental for race SUP's ($75).  Ruddered Carbon SIC race boards are available for demo for $100 per day.  To reserve a board for the Molokai to Oahu Race we require a 5 day minimum rental.

Delivery and pickup of boards is available on request in the Honolulu area.

Most of the boards in our rental fleet are quality, fairly new boards in good repair and we want to keep them that way.  We also want to make sure you are safe and enjoy your SUP experience.  
If you are renting a SUP from us for the first time, we require you to watch this video in the shop before using our boards.  You may watch this video in advance but please be prepared to answer questions about the content by our employees.

*Blue Planet Rental Membership Program

Our program is modeled after monthly gym membership programs and allows unlimited use of our rental fleet (Stand Up Paddleboards, paddles, surfboards, leashes, etc.).  In addition to unlimited rentals, members also receive additional discounts and benefits.  Note: Monthly membership fees can not be applied as a credit towards a purchase, only our regular rental fees can be used for the "try before you buy" board purchase, see below for details.

$99 one time sign up fee. The minimum rental term is one month.  The first month, the sign up fee plus first month rental fee is due.  After that you just pay the monthly program fee to continue.  Once you are signed up, all you need is your ID to sign boards out and in.  If the plan is stopped and then re-started later, the signup fee has to be paid again when the plan is re-started.

Available programs:

$99 per month for unlimited same day return rentals.  With this plan, boards need to be returned to the store on the day of the rental.

$149 per month for unlimited overnight rentals.  With this plan you can keep boards as long as you like and change out equipment at any time.

Pre-pay discount:  pre pay for 5 months and get 6th month free.  Pre pay for 9 months and get 3 months free ($74.25 per month for one year pre paid plan). 


  • Membership fee is due every thirty days.
  • The plan automatically renews on a monthly basis unless cancelled before the first day of the next month. 
  • Credit card required for authorization and monthly membership dues.  If the plan is cancelled, the sign up fee has to be paid again to re-start the plan, the plan can not be paused.
  • Each membership plan allows only one board to be used at a time.  25% discount on additional rentals for members.
  • While our regular rental fees can be applied as a credit towards the purchase of a new board purchase, unlimited rental membership fees do not qualify for this credit, sorry.


Additional benefits:

  • Rental program members qualify for 25% off additional board rentals
  • 10% off all accessories and clothing at Blue Planet stores.
  • Soft racks or straps are available at no extra charge if needed to transport boards.


Additional services:

  • Delivery or pick up of up to eight boards in Honolulu (please check for available times/ dates)
  • If you have the unlimited same day return plan and want to keep a board overnight, there is a $10 overnight fee per night.
  • Boards should be free of sand and dirt when returned.  We may charge a $5 cleaning fee if boards are not clean. Damages to be charged at the cost of repair as per our board repair price list.  Please do not take boards in the water if they get dinged.  If you do get an open ding that takes on water, please bring the board back to the store so we can give you a replacement board.  If a board is returned waterlogged, there is an extra charge to extract the water and dry the board out.
  • New board premium:  Turn any new board in the shop into a rental with a $75 new board premium.  You can even keep a new board indefinitely with the unlimited overnight plan.


Waikiki Board storage:

Many Hotels have board storage available for guests, please call the hotel to inquire about storage options.  Waikiki SUP storage for boards up to 4.5" thick is also available through our partner Nalu Storage where you can rent a storage locker by the beach (one week minimum rental is $25 including combination locks).  For long term storage, please check out our Nalu Storage special offer.

Board storage program:

Blue Planet- Ward shop offers board in shop storage for personal SUP and surfboards for $30 per month on a month to month basis or $250 for one year (pre paid).  Access to boards is available 7 days a week during opening hours.  Monthly storage fees can be pre-paid or charged monthly to a credit card on file.  

Storage Fee Delinquency:  If storage fees are more than 90 days in arrears and we are unable to reach owner of the board at the provided contact information, Blue Planet may use the board as a rental board to cover storage fees.  If rental fees are more than 180 days in arrears and we can not contact the owner, Blue Planet will consider the board abandoned. 


*Try Before you Buy- program rules:  

We encourage you to try as many boards as possible before you make a buying decision.  Blue Planet lets you demo rental boards before you make your choice.  All rental fees up to $250 can be applied towards the purchase of a NEW SUP or surfboard.  So hold on to your original rental receipts- they are good as cash when you are ready to purchase a new board.  We will honor ORIGINAL, LEGIBLE rental receipts only that are no more than 5 years old.  Sorry, we can not give this credit without a legible, original receipt, so please store them carefully and be aware that the thermal printed receipts will fade in sunlight, so keep them in a safe place or make a photocopy.  We will issue a full credit for regular, daily rental fees only.  Other purchases, monthly rental program fees, new board premium, repair charges, delivery and pickup fees etc are not eligible for this credit.

How to strap board to a car without roof racks:

 Watch the video below to see how we can strap up to three boards to a car without roof racks:
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