Rental Delivery/Pick-up (Honolulu Only)

We offer delivery and pickup service in the Honolulu area for our rentals. The rate is $20 one way (flat rate, regardless of how many boards you are renting). If you would like both pick up and delivery please select round trip.  We don't always deliver by bike but don't be surprised if Adam shows up with his bike trailer like in the photo : )  

We usually deliver in the morning before the shop opens (around 9-9:30 am) or in the afternoon after closing (around 6:30 pm).  If you are arriving at your hotel during the day and want to use the board right away, most hotels will allow us to drop the board off with the bellboys, please check with your hotel to ask if they can provide this service as well as storage for your boards.

If we have to provide additional services such as carry the equipment for a long distance, or have to wait for more than 10 minutes, we reserve the right to charge an additional $1 per minute.  All delivery/ pickup fees go to the employee providing the service, tips are appreciated.

When you are completing your order, please make a note of your hotel, the delivery and pickup date, am/ pm delivery, board and paddle size requested, and make sure we have a way to reach you.

Type: Rentals

Vendor: Blue Planet

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