About Our Boards

  • The Blue Planet SUP and surfboard line was designed to offer great performance while being affordable, user friendly and easy to use for paddlers of all skill levels and types.
  • All of our shapes were made using CAD by Robert Stehlik.
  • Our quality board designs feature precision shaped blanks, vacuum bagged bamboo sandwich constructions, and chip resistant paint with a glossy finish.
  • The online package prices include a deck pad, all fins, a board bag, packaging/handling and free air cargo shipping to the US mainland.
  • Standard features on most of the boards include: the patented SUPGrip handle that make carrying and loading boards easy, a two way self venting plug, a carbon fiber reinforcement in the standing area, Kevlar rails, and an FCS plug on the nose for mounting GoPro cameras and other accessories.

Blue Planet Bamboo/ Carbon/ Kevlar hybrid construction process:

  • Shaping the core: A lightweight EPS foam blank with hardwood stringer is computer shaped exactly to Blue Planet’s design specifications.
  • Mounts/inserts: The SUPGrip handle, all mounts/plugs and fin boxes are reinforced with high density PU foam.
  • Glassing: UV stable, clear epoxy resin is used to saturate the multiple FG/CF layers for our bamboo veneer sandwich construction. A layer of 4 oz fiberglass is then applied on the top/bottom and is wrapped over the rails. The first fiberglass layer is then covered with a thin layer of 0.6 mm bamboo veneer, vacuum bagged and cured. We then cover the bamboo veneer with another layer of 4 oz fiberglass on the bottom, two more layers of 4 oz fiberglass on the deck, plus a carbon deck patch under the standing area, resulting in a strong and lightweight composite laminate.
  • New for 2016 and beyond: Kevlar Rails – Our boards are reinforced with a strip of Kevlar around the major contact areas of the nose, tail, and rails for added impact durability.
  • Inserts: 10.5 inch US center fin box, Futures side fin boxes (2 or 4, depending on board size), double leash plugs, patented SUPGrip carry handle, GoPro FCS mount on nose, and gore vent (self venting insert to protect board from heat damage).
  • Finishing: Sanding, taping, designing, spray paint, logos, pin lines, chip resistant and UV protecting finish clear coat, gloss polish, deck pads with heat pressed micro dot texture and tail kicks are applied.
  • Result: A beautiful board that is light, strong, and made to perform well for many years. Please watch our factory tour video to see how a Blue Planet board is made.

Check out this production facility tour: