Blue Planet Surf offers shipping solutions for anyone looking to get their board(s) from point A to point B. With boards being shipped out from our shop in Honolulu on a weekly basis, we leverage the shipping services of multiple local, domestic and international shipping companies to get you the best service level and rates.

Shipping costs, in general, are based on: package dimensions, package weight, mode of transport and the final destination.



P&H includes thorough bubble wrapping, boxing, booking of the shipment and delivery of your board(s) to the respective shipping company. If for any reason we have to file a warranty claim for loss or damaged goods, Blue Planet will assist and handle that on your behalf.

Free - Board orders from include free P&H and Delta Air shipping to the nearest major US airport (boards over 11'0 may require additional customer expenditures).

$50 Fee - For all Blue Planet branded boards and/or boards purchased directly from our shop, including in-store only offers.

$200 Fee - For all non-Blue Planet branded boards and/or boards not purchased directly from our shop.


Blue Planet Surf ships inter-island via Young Brothers or Aloha Air Cargo. Inter-island shipments cost about $50/board and will need to be picked up at the respective YB or AAC facility. Boards usually arrive at their final destination within 72 hours of us dropping off at the respective shipper.


Blue Planet Surf ships within the contiguous US via Delta Air Cargo, United Airlines or Lynden International. Boards going to the west coast cost about $180/board, while boards going to the east coast cost about $220/board. Most of our domestic shipments have final destinations at an airport/port and will need to be picked up by the customer at the respective shipper's facility. We can assist with residential (front door) deliveries, but they frequently cost about double what it costs to send to an airport or port. Domestic board shipments usually arrive at their final destination within 4-5 days of us dropping off at the respective shipper.


Blue Planet Surf usually ships internationally via Lynden International. Customers can either ship via air freight or ocean freight and can choose either an airport/port destination or residential destination. Air freight takes about 7-10 days to ship internationally, while ocean freight takes about 3-4 weeks. Residential final destinations usually cost about twice as much as airport/port final destinations. International shipments are based off package size, final destination and mode of transport. In general, boards under 10'0 ship internationally for about $400 while larger boards ship for about $600. Please reference the picture for more accurate estimates based on board size and the final destination.

Customs and import fees must be handled by the customer unless you explicitly request assistance from Blue Planet or Blue Planet brokers.


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If you have any questions about shipping, don't hesitate to contact us in Hawaii at (808) 596-7755. You can also email our shop managers Mike ( or Kevin (