How to Foil safely: Hawaiian Watermen and Foil pioneers Kalani Vierra, Leleo Kinimaka and Sam Pa'e get together for a talk story session to promote hydro foiling safety and give tips to those wanting to get into SUP foiling or foil surfing. With pointers on choosing the right equipment, safety gear, situational awareness, etiquette, choosing the right conditions, avoiding potential beginner accidents, tips for beginners and for more advanced surf foilers, this video covers a lot of ground. If you are new to foiling, please take the time to watch the whole discussion, there is a lot of important information here. Also joining the discussion are: Edmund Pestana, Todd Bradley, Reid Inouye, Rex Shinmon, and Robert Stehlik.
Foiling is an awesomely fun new sport but can be challenging and potentially dangerous for beginners without proper guidance and instruction. This video attempts to fill the void for those of you that don't have a friend, coach or mentor that can help you get started.

To skip to certain topics, here is a glossary of topics covered, go directly to time to see the specific topic:

Introduction/ Purpose: 1:03
Getting help/ coaching from others: 3:21
Sharing knowledge/ Man'ao: 4:00
Getting started without coaching/ getting gear online: 5:40
Getting to know the spot before going out: 6:45
Learning by towing first/ lessons: 9:17
Paddling in/ taking off: 11:15
Short mast for learning: 13:25
Controlling the foil: 14:00
"Dominating" the wing 17:26
Comparison to snowboarding/ front foot pressure: 17:57
Bail out quickly if foil lifts too fast: 18:53
"Low and in control": 20:00
Choosing the right wave to foil on: 21:50
Getting in/ out of the water: 23:19
Paddling out through the surf: 24:20
Risk Management Process: 25:40
Rex on getting started: 26:40
Coaching/ helping beginners: 27:53
Self regulation vs. legislation: 29:45
Going over shallow reef with foil upside down: 33:35
Using a tail handle: 35:55
Checking the depth: 37:40
Avoid damaging the reef: 38:28
Stay humble, we're really not that good: 39:35
Put a leash on it!: 42:10
Use a long leash: 44:40
Keeping the leash from tangling around foil/ floater: 46:04
Coil leashes, floating, retracting leashes: 47:50
Dangers of offshore wind and juicy waves: 50:23
Look for Bunny Hills: 51:50
Sand off sharp edges: 52:38
Wearing protective gear- impact vest: 53:07
Why a helmet is a good idea, Josh Seymore crash footage: 53:55
"Crash Reel" footage: 54:50
Downwind Foiling: 57:50
Avoiding Rolling Falls on the Foil: 58:58
Squaring off the Body: 59:06
Placing the feet in the right place: 1:00:58
Marking foot placement without straps: 1:03:30
Pointing into turn with knees: 1:05:50
Mast sizes: 1:06:17
Wing Sizes: 1:08:00
Comparing Easy Foiler 1440 to Kai and Iwa wing sizes: 1:09:16
Sam's Tail Handle: 1:09:54
Sam's Paddle Clip: 1:11:09
Different ways to carry a foil board: 1:13:15
Foil size depending on rider weight and conditions: 1:17:00
Tandem Foil Surfing: 1:18:30

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Video Credits:
Josh Seymore
Madison Cassidy
Paul Alfarez
and several other contributors, please let me know if I missed anyone.