If you are thinking about learning how to foil, you are in for a wild ride.  You will feel like a total kook again and like a little grom catching the first waves.  Before you jump in, inform yourself as much as possible and learn from someone that already went through the hard lessons.

We get asked almost daily about SUP foiling lessons.  Unfortunately, for liability reasons, Blue Planet does not offer foil lessons, rentals or demos.

We highly recommend taking lessons.  It makes the learning curve much safer and easier.   We refer customers to one of our three talented foiling partners/ friends that offer private lessons:

  1. Jeff Chang or Wet Feet Hawaii-  Before you head into the surf, start with a lesson from Jeff and have him take you foiling behind his jet sky in calm water.  He will go exactly the right speed and give you helpful pointers.  Most are able to fly the foil in the first session.  Once you feel comfortable with the foiling sensation while towing, you will have a much easier time attempting to foil in the surf.  Here is the link to book a foil lesson with Jeff: http://wetfeet.rezgo.com/details/112814/foiling-lesson
  2. When you are ready to go into the surf,  Sam Pa'e is the foil sensei who has gotten countless people into the sport and having great fun. To contact Sam, please email him at: ola96792@aol.com
  3. Leleo Kinimaka also offer foil lessons, he is one of the best foil surfers in Hawaii and if you want to take your foiling to the next level, you should contact him at 808 343 3061

We do have lots of foil videos on our youtube channel that are helpful to watch, see below for some instructional foil videos, but nothing beats a one on one lesson with someone who went through the learning process, has mastered foiling and can guide you.  It's not just that but they will take you to the right place to learn safely on the proper gear.

Good luck and enjoy but watch out, you might get hooked.

Aloha, Robert Stehlik