Improve balance and leg strength with these exercises that will keep you in shape for rough water paddling, surfing, and foiling. Doing squats on a Bosu Ball or on an Indo board improves balance and control while building strength and endurance. Combine this with box jumps and jump rope double unders for explosive leg strength. In addition, I'm also doing some back stretches and shoulder/ arm stretches to lengthen the muscles, stay loose, and prevent cramping. Getting on the water is always the best exercise but while I'm traveling and can't go in the water, I use some of these exercises to stay fit.

Join me in the exercises- for the set of 20 squats and 20 bounces go to: 2:21
For the super set of 30 squats and 30 bounces go to: 5:02


Below is another video with band exercises that are great for strengthening the shoulders and rotator cuff muscles to prevent or recover from  shoulder pains and injury: