This is the time of year we start doing some longer training runs to get ready for the 32 mile Molokai to Oahu race in the end of July. Yesterday I went out with my training partners Jeff Chang, Jimmy Martindale and Mote Aguirre to paddle from Hawaii Kai on Oahu's East side to White Plains Beach on the West side, around 23 miles. Conditions were great with nice runners most of the way. We stopped at the Diamond Head Buoy and had to stop for a Young Brothers barge a bit later. I also encountered a large Navy landing vessel coming out of Pearl Harbor and had a few planes going overhead approaching Honolulu Airport. Along the way we saw turtles and dolphins. One of the tricky things when you do this run the first time is figuring out what to aim for, so I included the picture with an arrow, which is also the thumbnail for this video. Study it if you want to do this run, before you see Barber's Point (Campbell Industrial Park) you can aim for the point, once you see Barber's Point, look for the tall trees to the right of it. Once you get closer you can make out some buildings on the beach. When we finished at White Plains, AccesSurf was just finishing their day at the beach and I got to join them for a paddle as well, they are such a great group.
Later this month we will do the same run but start at Sandy Beach which adds about 5 miles to the run.

Video and edit by Robert Stehlik.
For the GPS track of this paddle:


How to find the right line to White Plains:  Aim for the point, then look for the tall trees to the right of Campbell Industrial Park (Barbers Point) once you can see them, as you get closer you can make out the buildings on the beach.