SUP Serendipity

By Michael Guthrie-Maston April 10th, 2018

 It’s one of the major reasons why we live in Hawaii, the beauty and grace of the ocean here is unique and awe-inspiring. The joy and affinity it instills is sometimes hard to explain, there’s magic to it. For two Blue Planet customers the magic of the ocean brought them together in a tangible way.

For Shani and Jim, the serendipitous occasion came in the form of a Blue Planet demo day down at Ala Moana Beach Park. We usually have demo days so customers can get out on the water and try different boards to see what works best for them. “I heard about the demo day through friends and since I had a visitor coming into town I thought this would be a good opportunity to hang on the beach with the group and learn something new,” said Shani, who had only lived on Oahu for less than a year before attending. For Jim, who found out about the demo after coming into our shop and had only been on island for a week, it was a great way for him to get on the water and enjoy his new home. Both Shani and Jim are in the military and were recently stationed on Oahu.

While at the demo Shani’s friend struck up a conversation with Jim, “hey Shani, Jim has the ‘Nirvana’ and recommends you try it.” While enjoying the different boards and tropical waters the two struck up a conversation. Coincidentally, during the conversation Shani realized Jim had just recently moved to the island and invited him to hangout after the demo ended. After a few hours of socializing the two realized they were both in the military and single.  “It’s so rare to randomly meet and connect the way we did. Everything aligned for us after that day on the beach,” said Shani.

When asked if stand up paddling brought them together, Shani replied, “Yes, without the Blue Planet clinic we would have never met. We now own three Blue Planet SUP boards between the two of us.” The couple has parlayed their newfound fondness for the ocean and water activities into: paddling at Ewa, White Plains, Kailua, and Ala Moana.

As we use the moniker of “Find Paradise” at Blue Planet Surf, for Shani and Jim-paradise found.