7’8 x 30 Eagle Ray (2019)

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7’8 x 30 Eagle Ray (2019)


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7’8 x 30″ Eagle Ray (2018) – Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP)

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Dimensions: 7’8 x 30 x 4.125 – 118L
Nose: Full/Square
Tail: Sting/Crescent
Outline: Surf (Small/Medium Wave)
Fin Setup: 5-fin

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Ray Series: Albert Einstein was once quoted saying that “The only source of knowledge is experience.” Blue Planet founder and board designer Robert Stehlik took that to heart when collaborating with team rider Tommy Chun-Ming to develop the Ray Series. With multiple longboarding and shortboarding national titles under his belt, Tommy brings a wealth of knowledge, and more importantly years upon years of experience, to the Blue Planet design team. The Ray Series was inspired by Tommy’s passion for progressive SUP surfing without sacrificing comfort and ease of use. High performance SUPs are wonderfully playful in the pocket or on a face, but can hardly be described as fun while waiting in the lineup or trying to paddle into a set wave. The Ray Series draws inspiration from old school design while blending it with contemporary performance board shaping principles to improve both performance and ease of use. The full nose of the board provides surface area for stability and momentum to get you into waves sooner. The rails then pinch in like an old school sting design to improve control from the tail when performance surfing. The crescent tail provides drive when pumping down the line, while generating control when laying down turns on the rail. All of these design components contribute to a more user-friendly performance SUP, big board in the front, to take your wave carving to the next level, small board in the back. The Ray Series features Tommy’s signature model the 6’11 x 29.125 Sting Ray as well as the 7’8 x 30 Eagle Ray and the 8’8 x 31 Manta Ray.

Beginner: 120lbs – 140lbs

Intermediate: 140lbs – 170lbs

Advanced: 170+lbs

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