Blue Planet 10’6 x 34″ Multi Tasker Air iSUP (2017)


Blue Planet Surf iSUP packages include: board, 3 fins, rolling travel bag, 3pc carbon/composite paddle, double action pump and a repair kit.



Domestic: $85

International: $150


Model: Multi Tasker Air

Dimensions: 10’6 x 34″ x 6″ x 288L

Nose: Hybrid

Tail: Round

Fins: 2+1 (Futures sides with 10″ US Center)

Paddle: 3pc Kai Zen Carbon Fiber/Composite Adjustable


When it comes to versatility and ease of use, nothing does it better than our Multi Tasker Air. By leveraging one of our most popular hard board shapes and combining it with the conveniences of an inflatable, getting on the water has never been so easy. The Multi Tasker Air is designed for all around use, whether it be recreational paddling, surfing small waves, an ohana day at the beach or all of the above while on vacation. Our Blue Planet iSUPs collapse down into a “check-in” size bag and can be taken with you when traveling, don’t require car racks for transport, and are very easy to store at home. At 34″ wide, the board is very stable and is an excellent introductory board for new paddlers. The double action pump offers expedited inflation and makes getting your board water-ready much faster.

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