Blue Planet Kai Zen V2 CF Paddle w/ Extendable Handle

Blue Planet Kai Zen V2 CF Paddle w/ Extendable Handle


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The Blue Planet Kai Zen Version 2.0 is a one of a kind molded carbon fiber SUP paddle featuring numerous design components from years of R&D. The Kai Zen has been tested in all types of water conditions from high performance surfing and racing, including being used in the grueling 32-mile Moloka’i to O’ahu  race. Designed by Blue Planet Surf’s founder/CEO Robert Stehlik in collaboration with Native Living Custom Paddles owner Alex Nix, the Kai Zen V2 offers the highest paddle performance the SUP world has to offer. Words don’t do this paddle justice so please watch some of the videos below used for our Kai Zen V1 Kickstarter campaign.

Weight: 20.7oz (uncut/no glue)

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Shipping charges to be applied:
Domestic: $75
International: $100

Check out the following videos highlighting the unique design components of this paddle:





“My initial reaction is how amazingly smooth and quiet the blade penetrates the water. This is something that one wouldn’t even be conscious of unless you compared the Kai Zen paddle with conventional paddles. I feel no deflection of the shaft when paddling–it is stiff but comfortable. It might be my imagination, but every stroke with Kai Zen feels stronger. Difficult to quantify, but the perception of increased power is definitely there. And the smoothness of how the blade effortlessly penetrates and releases from the water seems to allow a faster cadence despite the large 92 blade size. The finish on all of the paddle components is first class.

Assembling the Kai Zen V2 paddle using a heat gun with the pre-applied glue was a snap. Thanks for your informative video with tips like using painter’s tape to protect the paddle shaft from the excess glue. I used a mitre box and back saw to cut a couple inches off the shaft to get it to my preferred final length. I used painter’s tape on the shaft while sawing and it worked great. I suspect that you use a fine tooth blade on your power saw at the shop. A hack saw would work fine, but the mitre box helped me ensure a nice square cut. Your recommendation  to use electrical tape to finish off the seam between handle and shaft is right on. Thanks!”

Steve Penn – Great Lakes paddler and Instructor at Port Austin Kayak in Port Austin, Michigan

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