Blue Planet Ding Stick


Blue Planet Ding Stick Repair Putty is for wet or dry application. This 2-part repair putty is compatible with Epoxy or Fiberglass constructed boards. Easy to use instruction kit included.

This marine epoxy putty is easy to apply for quick surfboard and SUP board repairs. One advantage of using the putty is that it is thick and instantly seals leaks. Thinner resins will often allow pinholes to form from air or water escaping from the ding while curing and may not form a watertight seal. While the putty repair will seal the board if done properly, it is somewhat of a temporary repair as it can get damaged or cracked more easily than a repair with fiberglass, so for a more permanent repair, sand the putty down and glass over it with fiberglass and resin (epoxy or polyester resin, depending on the board construction).