Blue Planet Featherlight Carbon Paddle – Bamboo Blade


Blue Planet Surf’s Featherlight performance SUP carbon paddle is our finest quality paddle. This high performance Carbon construction weighs in at only 17 oz. at it’s full length. When cut and glued to size for an individual, this paddle will probably weigh in at under one pound.

The paddle is made with a state of the art construction using high modulus carbon and a high pressure molding process to maximize strength and performance at the lightest weight possible. This paddle offers an efficient and powerful high cadence blade with a surface area of roughly 88 square inches (blade is 8″ wide, 17″ tall). It is constructed with a high density PVC foam core and has an integrated ABS Edge protecting the carbon blade from chipping.

The paddle comes with a soft, comfortable, and grippy EVA palm grip handle. This is a fixed length paddle designed to be cut and sized to the rider’s specs. We can cut and glue to size at no extra charge on request, maximum length is 87″.