Bravo 20 iSUP Electric Pump


Shipping: $15 domestic via USPS Priority

The Bravo  BP20 SUP electric pump can be easily adjusted to fill to a specified PSI up to 22 psi and then turns off. This makes pumping up iSUP’s super easy.  This high quality Italian made piece of equipment also features a heat sensor that automatically shuts off the pump when it gets too hot to avoid damage.  The pump can run continuously for 15 minutes, then should be allowed to cool off for 20 minutes before using again.  Two cylinders allow for the high pressure needed for high performance iSUP’s.  Comes with lots of valve adapters and is also great for inflating kites, rafts, etc.

Key Features of the Bravo 20 electric Pump – 12 v Electric pump with built-in battery.

  • Air Flow 125 lt per min
  • Pressure 1.5 Bar (22psi)
  • Must charge battery for 10 -12 hrs (First charge)
  • Wide pressure range can be regulated with auto shut off
  • 15 minute run time only (must cool down before re-used (20 min)
  • Automatic thermal shut off (no Overheating)
  • Twin Cylinders , no relay and microswitches
  • Standard connection to cigarette plug
  • LED indicators for dianoxtics
  • Integrated 12 v DC battery,rechargable thru cigarette plug or standard 240 v AC/DC adaptor
  • Equipped with alligator clips for direct connection to external 12 v batteries
  • Carry bag
  • Inflates and deflates large or small objects (Depends on valve size)
  • Protective filtration system
  • Inflation fittings available for all common valves
  • Please keep battery charged when not in use .
  • Large Rigid inflatable / Inflatable Boats – 1 mts – 14 mts (pumps 7 mt boat in 6 min)
  • Inflatable Tenders – Dingy
  • Inflatable Toys (towables)
  • Inflatable Kayaks
  • Inflatable SUPS  – Stand up paddle boards to 22 psi
  • Inflatable Air mattresses
  • Anything Inflatable
  • 1 year Warranty
  • This product is made in Italy