Breakaway Screw & Plate (for Center Fin)


The Breakaway Screw and Plate system for your US center fin box is one of the most innovative products available in the SUP/surf world. The cylinder shaped brass insert in the middle of the plate is designed to break away from the square shaped plastic plate when exposed to threshold levels of stress. This great design allows SUPers and surfers to mitigate damage to their center fins and center fin boxes if surfing or paddling in shallow waters.

If contact occurs between the fin and a hard surface during normal use (and the center fin’s screw and plate insert is on the front of the base of the fin), the brass cylinder will break free from the plate and the fin will pivot on the center fins back nub. This will result in a $3 replacement for a new screw and plate as opposed to replacing your fin or replacing the center fin box, which usually costs between $50 and $100.