Drop Off or Pick Up Honolulu (Each Way)


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Blue Planet Surf offers rental and/or purchased board deliveries and pick ups in the Honolulu area (locations between Hawaii Kai and Honolulu airport).

$25 for 1-2 boards, $35 for 3 boards, $45 for 4 boards. (Please contact that shop if you need more than 4x boards dropped off or picked up).

Please provide us a minimum of 48 hours advanced notice for any deliveries and/or pick ups so we can coordinate with our staff.

Drop offs and pick ups MUST be done outside of shop hours (before 9:30am or after 6:30pm).

For deliveries or pick ups outside of the Honolulu area, we charge $1/min for the round trip (e.g. if we must deliver to Kailua and it takes 35 minutes to get to the destination, we will charge a delivery fee of $70).

Here’s how to set up your rental reservation:

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1-2 Boards, 3 Boards, 4 Boards