Gore Vent Plug – Replacement Screw


Gore Vent Plug – Replacement Screw

Gore Vent Screw only

Works for Blue Planet boards and many other brands* on the market with this type of self venting screws.  This screw in plug has a built in two way gore vent membrane that automatically lets air in and out to avoid damage from air pressure changes caused by rapid heating or cooling of the board or when transporting by airplane or other altitude changes. It keeps water from entering board.

If your vent plug is compromised (torn membrane or plugged up from the inside with salt deposits), it needs to be replaced.

Size and Thread Pitch = M12 x 1.25

Note: this plug is compatible with most board brands using this type of gore vent plug but will not fit SIC Maui boards, they have a different and longer threaded part, so please order replacement vents for SIC models directly from SIC. Please check the photo with the height measurement and compare to the plug you are replacing before placing order.

*These vent plugs are made and used for Blue Planet boards. Blue Planet Surf is not responsible for incompatibility with non Blue Planet boards.