Hometown: Lake Tahoe, NV, I have been living on Oahu for 10 years now.

Current World Rank: 31

What I do when I’m not on the water: Haha I’m always on the water doing something, so eat, sleep, or taking care of our pets would probably be the best answer.

How and when I got into SUP: 2009 when I thought it would be awesome to SUP to work instead of bike to work in Waikiki. Shortly after, my boss started having me teach SUP on the beach, then in 2010 on a whim I did my first race, and the rest is history.

What I like most about SUP: The versatility for one and I absolutely love being out on the ocean and seeing wildlife. Like a quiet moment with a turtle, or looking down and seeing a school of fish. I used to work out at turtle canyon doing video so I got to know some of the turtles and I really love to bring a pair of goggles and go visit them in the middle of a training session. In Hawaii we get monk seals, dolphins, and whales as well and to share the water with them is something I can’t even begin to describe. I guess it would be like being out on a run and getting to visit a panda bear or something like that. Also seeing places in different ways, everything looks different from above the water. I love traveling for races and just finding a new place to paddle and see how much more beautiful everything is from the water. It’s like having your own little secret place that people pass by every day in the rat race and have no idea how cool it is. Other than that, it is such a healthy, fun and versatile way to enjoy the water. I love what it does for the health of people I have shared SUP with. It is a vacation and a workout all rolled into one.

Favorite Blue Planet gear: Hands down my new 14’0 x 25.5″ Bump Racer. It is a magic board! I won in Sydney on it and it just feels really good, I love a board that feels great and is really nice and fast! I am also a huge fan of the 14’0 Dark Horse, it is such a fast board. I absolutely love the edge it gives me over the competition and the glide is amazing! I love that gliding feeling after you take a paddle stroke on a glassy day. It reminds of that feeling of getting first tracks on a waist high powder day back in the day when I was a ski racer.

What “Find Paradise” means to me: Haha I’m blessed, I don’t really have to find paradise, I live in Hawaii. But it always strikes me how when I’m inland traveling for races or to see family, a SUP can turn a really familiar body of water, like a lake or a river that you see every day, into a little piece of paradise. Everything looks so completely different and more beautiful from the water. Having lived that “work at a desk” lifestyle back in the day, that hour out in nature, even if it’s in your backyard, becomes absolutely magical! It’s like you can drive 5 minutes and be in a whole other world. Nothing else I know of allows you to do that.

I’m proud of this accomplishment: I’m not really big on pride, but I think my most grateful moments have been out in the Hawaiian Open Ocean Channels and at the M2O finish line. It’s hard not to be absolutely awe struck in the Kaiwi Channel, the energy out there is indescribable!

Something on my “Bucket List”: Go paddle in Genoa Italy, where my family is from many generations ago. I think that would be really cool!