Hometown: Berrara NSW, Australia

Age: 18

How and when I got into SUP: I got into stand-up paddling around a year ago. I have been a surfer my whole life but for my 18th birthday I got a paddleboard. I got into it as my mum and her friends would all go compete in the local SUP state titles comp and told me to do it as I had potential. Nathan and my parents organised a 7’0 paddle board for me for my birthday and it started from there.

What I like most about SUP: I LOVE the people. Everyone that is in the SUP industry is so friendly and supportive. It’s awesome getting to know new people who love what you love. Paddleboarding is also great as it’s easy to get on waves and even if there is no swell you can still take your board out and manage to catch a wave. IT’S ADDICTIVE. I also like the fact that you can flat water paddle, downwind paddle and surf. There is just so much to do in all kinds of conditions.

What “Find Paradise” means to me: “Find Paradise” means to me that no matter where you are or what you are doing you can always find some sort of place of happiness. Paradise can be simple such as a location you’re at or the people you are around. We live in paradise but each individual will define there own kind of paradise. Mine would be perfect waves with great people.

Favorite Blue Planet gear: I love the Blue Planet boards and I got a great females rash shirt off the crew which I wore all the time in the Mentawais. Also the Blue Planet foil board was awesome. It was a great design and so much fun to have a go on as I had never foiled before! I would love to get one and learn how to foil properly.

I’m proud of this accomplishment: Im proud of winning my second ever SUP comp in Scotts Head last year. I also was really happy at getting 3rd in this years state SUP surfing titles and 2nd in the marathon race.

Future Goals and Something on my “Bucket List”: I would love to be able to compete in the APP world tour one day for surfing, that would be the ultimate goal!

What’s on your bucket list: And for my bucket list I’d love to travel worldwide stand up paddling all over the world. Going to Hawaii has been on my bucket list for a long time so hopefully I can travel there soon! I would also love to surf Latitude Zero in Telo Islands Sumatra that would be awesome!