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Hometown: Boomerang Beach, east coast of Australia.

What I do when I’m not on the water: Study, work, try to fix things.

How and when I got into SUP: Dad had an old all rounder in the shed and I decided I’d take it out into the surf and have a bit of fun. Actually really enjoyed it. Not only did I double my wave count, my rides were double the length too, so it went from there and I soon after bought a stand up for myself. That was about three years ago now and I haven’t looked back.

What I like most about SUP: The versatility. There are so many aspects to stand up paddle. From surfing to touring, racing and the most recent foiling craze. It’s something you can do with all your mates or individually you can go for a paddle, in the ocean lake or any body of water.

Favorite Blue Planet gear: The Ninja/Pocket series surf SUPs would have to be up there with some of my favourites. Perfect balance of hold, speed, flow and release when its needed. The well thought out rail profile and fin setup allows the board to adapt to any surf condition. This range of boards will handle anything thrown its way.

What “Find Paradise” means to me: To me it means to be at peace, It’s a state of mind, the type of feeling you get when your out on the water. Follow your dreams to a place of contentment and happiness – that’s when you find paradise.

I’m proud of this accomplishment: Being accepted to compete in the M2O.

Something on my “Bucket List”: To catch a big wave. To have stand up barrels all day. To paddle the planet.